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Annal Nayyar-Annal provides a professional and friendly service

Annal provides a professional and friendly service to our school. He is extremely thorough in his preparation which means that meetings can get off to a swift start and cover necessary business. He is able to explain complicated financial procedures to members of staff and governors who are less experienced in school financial matters leading [...]

Annal Nayyar-Annal is relentless in his pursuit of the highest standards

Annal is relentless in his pursuit of the highest standards of financial management and value for money. His advice and support have enabled the academy trust to focus on our core purpose: providing educational excellence to our community, safe in the knowledge that our finances are secure.

Annal Nayyar- the role of the NCTL and teaching schools in the school-led system.

The aim of NCTL is to drive forward the move towards a self-improving, school-led system so that by 2016 there is an irrevocable shift from the centre to schools in 4 particular areas: initial teacher training, continuous professional development, school-to-school support and the recruitment and training of the next generation of school leaders. But in [...]

Annal Nayyar- Testimonial from Trust

There is no question at all that as a result of your financial expertise the arrangements for monitoring our finances have become completely secure. In addition your expertise has also allowed us to engage in new work in the knowledge that the financial implications of that work will be managed properly. we are extremely grateful [...]

Annal Nayyar- Academies accounts direction 2013

15 November 2013: Academy trusts must make arrangements to submit their financial statements, management letter and value for money statement as three scanned, signed pdfs by email to on or before 31 December 2013. Section 9.3 of the Accounts Direction sets out all the signatures you need to provide. A separate value for money [...]

Annal Nayyar-Academies Capital Maintenance Fund (ACMF

The EFA have published further information about the Academies Capital Maintenance Fund (ACMF) 2014 to 2015 round 1. This is available to academies open as at 1 December 2013 for building condition and expansion projects. Schools with an academy order signed on or before 1 December 2013 are also eligible to apply. You will be able [...]

Annal Nayyar reports on New Financial Handbook

Annal Nayyar reports on New Financial Handbook The new handbook is an important document for academy trusts that sets out responsibilities and requirements relating to their financial governance and management. It is taken from the requirements in trusts’ funding agreements with the Secretary of State, and compliance with the handbook is a condition of the [...]

Annal Nayyar reports on performance related pay

Performance related pay for teachers’ is here and most schools are setting objectives for this academic year based on their new pay policy. Have you  finalised your policy?t, there is a need to finalise as soon as possible and ideally this term; particularly if you are likely to be making “no progression” decisions at the [...]

Annal Nayyar blogs need for Sec of State approval

  Under the Academies Act 2010 the disposal of land and buildings by academy trusts requires the approval of the Secretary of State. Lawyers have advised that this also includes the granting of leaseholds on land and buildings by academy trusts. On legal advice the delegated authority in relation to leasehold land and buildings in [...]

Annal Nayyar sponsoring not for profit

The June 2013 handbook explained that the supply of goods and services by a sponsor to their academy trust must exclude any element of profit. Following further discussion with Ministers over the summer, the Department has developed the policy to cover a range of connected parties including members, trustees and bodies related to them, as [...]