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Annal Nayyar Reports changes that Business Managers need to be aware of.•

The DFE website is going to close in March 2014. There new site will be  ( The school contact that is registered with the EFA should have received login details to enable the accounts return to be submitted. If you haven’t  received it yet please contact

Annal Nayyar – Consistent financial reporting framework (CFR): 2013 to 2014

Annal Nayyar – Consistent financial reporting framework (CFR): 2013 to 2014 This advice provides the definitions for each CFR code to assist schools in mapping income and expenditure to the appropriate areas of the CFR framework. The codes are set out in the Consistent Financial Reporting (England) Regulations 2012.  

Annal Nayyar reports that New Schools Network will provide pre-application support to those hoping to open free schools

Annal Nayyar reports that information on the DfE Website states Following a competitive bidding process, the Department for Education has approved grant funding for New Schools Network (NSN) to provide pre-application support to parents, teachers and community groups and others hoping to open free schools. The grant will also allow NSN to support free schools [...]

Annal Nayyar updates -Details of capital investment for 2014 to 2015 to maintain and repair the school estate announced.

On the 24 January 2014, the Department for Education published the school capital maintenance and Devolved Formula Capital (DFC) allocations for 2014 to 2015.   Capital investment in schools must be targeted to where it is most needed and it must be spent effectively so that every child has a good quality school place in [...]

Annal Nayyar- 6th form funding

Annal Nayyar- 6th form funding The EFA  have published the latest information about changes to sixth form funding for the 2014 to 2015 academic year in a recorded presentation. An accompanying slide presentation is also available to download from the academy funding website.

Annal Nayyar blogs on how you submitt your returns

As explained in the last EFA  BULITIN The EFA have introduced a new way for academy trusts to submit financial returns such as accounts returns and budget forecasts. Rather than submitting by email to the EFA, academy trusts must upload these returns to Deloitte OnLine, a new facility hosted by our delivery partner, Deloitte. Your [...]

Annal Nayyar provides Schools with Responsible Officer support

Annal Nayyar provides the trust with a service that looks at the  independent checking of financial controls, systems, transactions and risks. These duties can be delegated to a responsible officer . Academy trusts may manage the process in the way that they deem most appropriate to their circumstances. Please see the following links for additional [...]

Annal Nayyar- Michael Gove speaks about computing and education technology

From 5, children will learn to code and program, with algorithms, sequencing, selection and repetition; from 11, how to use at least 2 programming languages to solve computational problems; to design, use and evaluate computational abstractions that model the state and behavior of real-world problems and physical systems; and how instructions are stored and executed [...]

Annal Nayyar -Wilshaw blames trainers and management for drop out rate

Poor training and unsupportive Heads are responsible for the high drop out rate of teachers in their early years of teaching, according to Sir Michael Wilshaw.In a speech to the North of England Education Conference in Nottingham last week, the Chief Inspector of Schools blamed poor training followed by poor support for the high drop [...]

Annal Nayyar reports Capital Maintenance fund- Time Running out for Submissions.

The allocation will be a capital grant and must be used exclusively for capital expenditure to purchase or improve assets owned by the trust or secured on a long lease. Trusts will need to follow HM Treasury guidelines in the procurement of goods and services, to secure best value for money. In particular, contracts of [...]