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Annal Nayyar Reports September 2014 Funding Arrangements

Education Funding Agency (EFA) arranges for academies to receive the payments set out in their funding agreements on a monthly basis. Their revenue funding is called the general annual grant (GAG) and monthly remittance advice notes accompany payments. There are short descriptions about each funding element included with remittances which make them easy to understand. EFA has [...]

Annal Nayyar Reports September 2014 Universal Free School Meals Funding Arrangements

From September 2014 all pupils in reception, year 1 and year 2 in state-funded schools in England will be eligible for free school meals (FSMs). This will include academies, free schools, pupil referral units and alternative provision, as well as maintained schools. Funding will be based on a rate of £2.30 for each meal taken by pupils [...]

Annal Nayyar Reports September 2014 Pupil Premium Funding Arrangements

Pupil premium payments: Pupil premium is additional funding given to publicly-funded schools in England and provides funding for two policies: Raising the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and closing the gap with their peers Supporting children and young people with parents in the regular armed forces The grant is calculated and paid on a financial-year basis. [...]

Annal Nayyar Reports September 2014 PE and sport grant allocations

The PE and sport grant is additional funding given to publicly-funded schools in England to improve physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools over 3 academic years from 2013 to 2016. The grant will be calculated and paid on an academic year basis. The calculation of funding is currently based on the following: Schools [...]

Annal Nayyar reports School Reform Minister Nick Gibb today congratulated pupils and teachers after improved results in tests taken by 11-year-olds in reading, writing and maths.

The figures show that for this year’s key stage tests (taken in May by 550,000 children in their final year of primary school): 4 out of 5 11-year-olds (79%) achieved at least the expected level (level 4) in reading, writing and arithmetic (3Rs) – up from 3 out of 4 (75%) last year, and just [...]

Annal Nayyar reports on recent report that Councils plugging £1bn school places shortfall

Councils are borrowing money or diverting funding from other budgets in order to plug a £1bn shortfall for new school places, according to new research. The research from the Local Government Association (LGA) reveals that three-quarters of councils did not receive enough funding from government to create extra school places between 2011/12 and 2016/17. As [...]

Annal Nayyar updates on DfE announcement on 2015-16 funding arrangements

Today the Dfe published information about schools funding arrangements for 2015 to 2016. This includes how the Department for Education (DfE) will allocate an additional £390 million to increase the per-pupil funding of the least fairly funded local authority (LA) areas in England. Fairer schools funding: arrangements for 2015 to 2016 describes how funding will [...]

Annal Nayyar Provides a Free School project Service

Annal Nayyar has been commissioned to provide a  finance support package of free school provision across primary school provision in Yorkshire. The package of service will also include commissioning of external services such as banking, insurance review accounting procedures for ‘fit for purpose’ status.

Annal Nayyar commissioned to Project Manage conversion to Academy Status –Alternative Provision.

Annal Nayyar have been commissioned to project manage the conversion of a Pupil Referral unit to Academy status. This will include full finance due diligence and commissioning and review of other required services such legal, external audit etc.

Annal Nayyar and his team provide a specific service that looks to support newly converted academies in producing the Financial Management and Governance Self-assessment (FMGS).

Previously, all academies needed to complete the Financial Management and Governance Evaluation (FMGE). FMGS is a much simpler and shorter replacement. You only need to complete FMGS if your academy opened after 1 March 2012. It is designed to support new academies as they establish their financial management and governance arrangements. The deadline for submitting [...]