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Annal Nayyar blogs – BBC Report identifies School funding: Winners and losers in shake-up

Individual schools will lose or gain hundreds of thousands of pounds in the first year of the biggest shake-up of school funding in England for decades. Official figures released as the part of consultation on the changes show 9,045 schools will lose money while 10,653 will get more. One school – Nottingham Academy – will [...]

Annal Nayyar – BBC Report outlines- The parents of about half a million pupils in England are being sent a letter on Thursday warning of cuts to schools because of funding shortages.

The heads of almost every school in Essex, West Sussex, East Sussex and Cornwall have written a joint letter warning of budgets at “breaking point”. They say it will mean staff cuts, bigger class sizes and fewer support services, such as for mental health. The Department for Education says school spending is at record levels. [...]

Annal Nayyar blogs Ministers should invest in existing grammar schools rather than create new ones, head teachers say

Ministers should invest in existing grammar schools rather than create new ones, head teachers have said. Grammar school leaders have hit out at the Prime Minister for setting aside millions in the Budget to build a new generation of selective schools, as they warn that existing institutions are on the “cusp of viability”. Head teachers said they are [...]