Annal Nayyar blogs ‘unfair’ funding

Writing to directors of children’s services, announcing a consultation on the funding proposals, Andrew McCully, director general of Infrastructure and Funding at the Department for Education (DfE) said: ‘We have made an important announcement … [that] will begin to

address the unfairness of the current funding system and provide some help to authorities that are the least fairly  funded. For 2015–16, the Government’s first priority for schools

funding is stability. The Department will fund all local authorities at least at the same cash level per pupil as in 2014–15.’ ‘Where there is a gap between a local authority’s budget and what it needs to meet our new minimum funding levels, the DfE will give the local authority additional funding to close that gap. Where a local authority’s budget already exceeds those minimum funding levels, no change will be made to the amount of per pupil funding that it receives.’ He added. The additional funding, says the department, will be £350 million

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