Multi Academy Arrangements -What are your options ?

I have been recently asked by a number of schools on what  options are available to them – if they wanted to ‘partner’ with another school. You may find the following useful:

Multi-Academy Trusts: Several academies are created using one funding agreement.  There is one company and each academy might have a governing body, but with limited powers. Academy budgets are usually top sliced to support the central organisation.

Umbrella Trust Model:  Each academy has its own funding agreement, company and governors.  There is then an umbrella trust (completely separate from the agreements with the SoS).  It is established and populated by the member academies according to pre-determined objects.

Collaborative Partnership Model:  Each academy exists as a separate entity but there is a management agreement to bring the academies into working partnership for specific purposes.  This is, in effect, a less formal variant of the umbrella trust model.  It enables collaboration without control and is more easily reversed.


Posted by Annal Nayyar

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