Annal Nayyar offers support in the Reporting of the Pupil Premium Allocation

Annal Nayyar and his team can assist you in producing the analysis required to satisfy both internal and external stakeholder requirements .This support will be in the form of a tailored report to meet your schools individual needs. Areas that you may want to think about would include:

Use of high quality staff to mentor and manage aspirations of young people into further education and employment.

After hours club to provide social/emotional support and after-hours care; including peer mediators sessions.

Breakfast provided to students on exam mornings to ensure that all have received food and drink before they undertake crucial examinations.

Provision of funds to support clubs so that all children can be included if they wish to be.

Targeting pupils at risk of Exclusion or in need of shorter term support .

Providing items of uniform

Delivery of memorable learning experiences

Intervention groups for students at risk of underperforming in the Basics to ensure they are equipped for ongoing education and employment.

Provision of additional support staff time to enable disruptive vulnerable youngsters to be supported outside the classroom in nurture groups and social skills groups.

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