Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS)- What does this mean? Help is at hand from Annal Nayyar and his team.

Schools that are under the governance arrangements of the Local Authority have to complete a SFVS on an annual basis. This ‘return’ replaces the Financial Management Standard that previously school completed and this covered a three year period.

The SFVS looks to support schools by asking a set of prescribed questions that looks to review the financial governance arrangements across the school. It looks to gain an ‘assurance’ that there is robust financial management and that processes and systems are set up to support a strong financial platform.

Governors / Governing bodies have now a formal responsibility for the financial affairs of the school. Consequently the SFVS should be completed by experienced individuals who have the financial knowledge across the education finance sector to assist the Governors in the discharge of their duties.

We can complete the SFVS for you and present to the school governors – we can bring that independence you are looking for as well as 20 year of dedicated education finance experience.

Please contact Annal Nayyar who will provide you with the relevant assistance and support you are looking for. Annal and his team has the experience you are looking for.

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