Annal Nayyar blogs – BBC Report identifies School funding: Winners and losers in shake-up

Individual schools will lose or gain hundreds of thousands of pounds in the first year of the biggest shake-up of school funding in England for decades.

Official figures released as the part of consultation on the changes show 9,045 schools will lose money while 10,653 will get more.

One school – Nottingham Academy – will get £224,000 less in the first year of the new “funding formula”.

Two, Loxford School in Redbridge and The Sydney Russell School in Dagenham, will be £300,000 better off amid moves to end a “postcode lottery”.

Governors urge school funding bravery

In four areas of the country every school will either be the same or worse off, with no additional funding, according to the data.

The figures look only at the new funding formula and do not take account of other costs and pressures on school budgets, such as inflation.

Schools have to account for unfunded rises in pay, pension and National Insurance contributions, which will take up between 6% and 11% of their budgets by 2019-20.

It has been estimated that real term losses will reach £74,000 for primary schools and £291,000 for secondary schools by 2019-20.

Across England, the overall budget given to schools is rising by 0.5% compared with spending in 2016-17, from £31.6bn to £31.8bn.

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