annal nayyar blogs-Greening pledges grammar ‘meritocracy’

A new generation of grammar schools in England will widen access to good school places, said the education secretary – but Labour said they would produce more “segregation”.

Justine Greening told MPs expanding grammar schools would help families who could not afford to buy houses in the catchment areas of good schools.

Ms Greening said the proposals would create a “truly meritocratic” system.

But Labour’s Angela Rayner said: “Stop your silly class war.”

The plans for expanding selection in schools, announced by the prime minister last week, have been presented to Parliament.

‘Meritocratic’ or ‘segregation’

Ms Greening said it would increase the number of good school places and make sure there is a school system that “works for everyone, not just the privileged few”.

Labour’s shadow education secretary Ms Rayner said the new mantra of the Conservative party should be “segregation, segregation, segregation”.

And she asked the education secretary to explain who would decide which non-selective schools should be able to convert to become selective.

Ms Greening said: “We want to look again at selective schools and how they can open up excellent places to more children – particularly the most disadvantaged.

“We will therefore look at how we can relax the rules on expanding selective schools, allow new ones to open and non-selective schools to become selective where there is a demand.”


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