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The RPA membership rules set out the full scope of the risk protection arrangement. Members of the RPA are expected to have full knowledge of the rules and are deemed to be bound by them.

In developing the detail of the RPA membership rules, DfE has consulted widely with single and multi-academy trusts as well as other stakeholders.

The rules now address the following issues:


Many academy trusts lease premises through agreements that require them to obtain insurance for the premises. As the RPA is not insurance, DfE reassures landlords that the RPA will provide equivalent or improved cover than existing commercial insurance arrangements.

Complaints process

DfE has developed an arbitration process as part of the complaints escalation process.

Subsidiary companies

DfE provides some cover for subsidiary companies set up by academy trusts that have opted into the RPA. Members are advised to read the scope of this cover to make sure it meets their needs.

Trustees of charities

DfE is working with the Catholic Education Service and the Church of England to address issues where trustees of charities are property owners and where they allow the use of their property for academies. This work is currently ongoing.

The latest membership rules also address the following:

  1. Clarification that RPA will only operate if there is not a valid insurance policy in place
  2. Undertaking medical procedures added to the definition of Business
  3. Definition of ‘Insured’ added
  4. Clarification that the lower Member Retentions will only apply if a school provides primary education only
  5. Clarification that the legal expenses extension to the Third Party Liability section will not cover deliberate acts
  6. Medical Procedures and Hirers Liability added as specific extensions to the Third Party Liability section
  7. Definition of ‘Journey’ added to the UK Travel section
  8. Reduction in timescales applicable to the third-party administrator’s (TPA) response to complaints


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