Annal Nayyar Copyright deals will cut red tape and save schools £6.5 million

Schools across England will save more than £6.5 million after the government struck deals with licensing companies for shared rights to use films, newspapers and television shows in classrooms.

The licences previously had to be bought individually by schools and local authorities, often resulting in expensive and time-consuming negotiations.

Now the Department for Education has reached agreements so that from next month all state schools in England will be automatically covered for these licences, potentially saving more than £6.5 million.

The deals have been struck with:

  • the Educational Recording Agency (ERA), which allows schools to use programmes from BBC, ITV and other British television channels in lessons
  • Filmbank, which allows schools to show pupils top Hollywood, Bollywood and independent films
  • the Motion Picture Licensing Company (MPLC), which gives schools access to movies and programmes created by more than 400 film and television producers and distributers
  • the Newspaper Licensing Agency, which allows schools to use newspaper and magazine cuttings in lessons

Schools Minister David Laws said:

We are committed to reducing costs and unnecessary red tape for schools. These new licences will allow schools to focus their resources further on providing an excellent education for young people.


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