Annal Nayyar-New assessment system will focus on accountability

The Government has announced the outline of the new assessment and accountability system for schools, to begin in September 2016. The document makes it clear that the new system is designed to hold schools to account for the progress and attainment of their pupils and students.  Children will be tested at four and again at seven and 11

Schools are expected to be able to choose from a range of commercially published tests which have yet to be developed. There will be a new benchmark for attainment in English and maths at equivalent to the current level 4b. It will be expected that at least 85 per   cent of children in a school will achieve this standard in both subjects. Schools will have to publish on their web sites data for attainment and progress for their 11 year old pupils, comparing them to other children, nationally, who had similar starting points in the test at age four. Secondary schools will publish pupils’ progress from age 11 to 16 (compared to others with the same results at age 11); what their pupils’ average grade is across eight subjects;

what proportion of their pupils achieve at least a C in English and maths, and  what proportion of their pupils achieve the EBacc.

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