Annal Nayyar reports on Dfe latest brief- Intervening in failing, underperforming and coasting schools Guidance for local authorities and RSCs

This Government has made a clear commitment to extend opportunity and unlock potential, delivering real social justice. Every child, whatever their background, deserves the best start in life and an excellent education. The Education and Adoption Act 2016 delivers on the manifesto commitment to introduce new powers to intervene in failing schools from day one and to challenge schools that have been coasting. These powers will strengthen the Secretary of State’s ability to deal with underperformance, and to do so more swiftly. This will ensure that there is no delay in giving children the education they deserve. In addition to describing intervention in underperforming maintained schools, the Schools Causing Concern guidance now additionally describes what action RSCs can take in academies causing concern. This guidance describes the three groups of schools which


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