Annal Nayyar –reports states Morgan offers no academy concessions

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan offered no concessions over controversial plans to force all of England’s schools to become academies.

Mrs Morgan was pressed by MPs on whether she was committed to pushing the plan forward as legislation.

“That is the government’s position,” she told the education select committee.

Mrs Morgan told MPs that the changes to schools would create a “strong, consistent system”.

But Labour’s Ian Mearns questioned how she could run a school system which could have 10,000 separate academy trusts.

Mrs Morgan said schools wanted certainty about their future – and that so far a “fear of the unknown” had discouraged primary schools from choosing to become academies.

And she rejected the idea that schools should feel that academy status was something to be “inflicted”.

“I don’t think it’s a question of inflicting anything on anybody.

“I think it is a question of offering people the opportunity to be autonomous and run themselves.”




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