Annal Nayyar- uploads report on Conservative manifesto launch: Private schools will be forced to sponsor state sector or lose charitable status

At least 100 of the country’s leading independent schools will be forced to sponsor a state school or risk losing their charitable status, under the Conservatives’ education proposals.


The Tory manifesto states that private schools must sponsor an academy or set up a free school, as part of plans to create the “world’s great meritocracy”.


In a move that will be seen as a warning that private schools will not be able to ignore the demand, the Tories said that they are “keeping open the option of changing the tax status of independent schools if progress is not made”.


Under Conservative Party plans, failing schools will be banned from accepting any more pupils. The plans, which will affect more than one in ten schools in the country, will bar councils from creating new places at schools that have been rated “inadequate” or “requires improvement” by Ofsted, the regulator.


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