16-19 Funding

Another interesting article that will be useful to all finance staff in educational establishments for post 16 learners – The government are introducing a system of funding per student for post-16 providers for 2013-14.

This follows the review of 16-19 funding carried out in response to the 2011 Schools White Paper, The importance of teaching. The White Paper pledged to introduce simple, fair and transparent funding methodology to support raising the participation age.

The new 16-19 funding formula will cover all those aged 16-19. It will also cover all high-needs students aged 16 to 19 and those aged 19 and up to age 25 with a Learning Difficulty Assessment or Education and Healthcare Plan. Independent specialist providers and non-maintained schools will be funded via the national 16-19 formula for the first time.

This new formula introduces funding at a basic rate per student per year adjusted for retention, programme costs, disadvantage and area costs.

The summarised changes in a letter to all post-16 providers is  being sent out this week which includes all developments since the publication of the formula in July 2012 (including confirmation of the bands for funding part time students and programme cost weightings).

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