Annal Nayyar blogs Action: 3 weeks to the deadline to submit your accounts and VFM statement

The deadline for academy trusts to submit their audited accounts and auditor’s management letter is 31 December 2014. Trusts open on or before 31 August 2014 must also submit a value for money statement by 31 December 2014

You will need to submit your accounts and auditor’s management letter via the EFA Information Exchange, using our published guide to submitting your accounts.

If you have not yet submitted, please ensure you have processes in place to meet the deadline. You will need to use the naming convention below for your accounts and management letter. For your:

  • audited accounts, use Company Number-Trust Name-1314-FinStat
  • management letter, use Company Number-Trust Name-1314-ManLet

Failure to use this convention could cause delays in processing your accounts and could also lead to additional queries.

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