Annal Nayyar – blogs Education Committee announces new inquiry into the role of school governing bodies

The Education Committee is announcing an inquiry into the role of school governing bodies.

This inquiry will look at the existing role of governing bodies, and the implications of recent Government policy developments in education for them, as well as a range of issues concerning recruitment, reward and responsibilities.

Written submissions of evidence are invited considering the following points:

•             the purpose, roles and responsibilities of school governing bodies, within the wider context of school governance and leadership

•             the implications of recent policy developments for governing bodies and their roles

•             recruiting and developing governors, including the quality of current training provision, and any challenges facing recruitment

•             the structure and membership of governing bodies, including the balance between representation and skills

•             the effectiveness and accountability of governing bodies

•             whether new arrangements are required for the remuneration of governors

•             the relationships between governing bodies and other partners, including local authorities, Academy sponsors and trusts, school leaders, and unions

•             whether changes should be made to current models of governance.


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