Annal Nayyar blogs -Free Schools applications – Changes

In order to give Free School applicants more flexibility, we will now run three application rounds each year. Groups may select the year in which they intend to open. A final decision on the school’s opening date will be confirmed during the ‘pre-opening’ period. This will be based on the length of time that the school needs in the ‘pre-opening’ phase.

The next three application deadlines will be:

1. September 2013 (with decisions to be announced in late 2013/early 2014).

2. January 2014 (with decisions to be announced in spring 2014).

3. Spring 2014 (with decisions to be announced in summer 2014).

There will be two applicant routes for free schools opening in 2015 and beyond

The main change is that there will be two applicant routes:

Route 1 for applicant groups that have had a Free School application of the same type and phase approved before; and

Route 2 for all other applicant groups.

To qualify for route 1, “approved” means that a Free School group currently has a Free School either in the pre-opening phase or open.

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