Annal Nayyar blogs – Information: risk protection arrangement (RPA) opt-in

If you are planning to opt in to the risk protection arrangement (RPA) at any point between 1 September 2014 when the scheme starts and 1 August 2015 you can do this straight away via the RPA opt-in form on GOV.UK.

If you opt in to become a member of the scheme from 1 September, your funding adjustment will be made in November.

Maintained schools and other projects working towards academy opening can opt in to join the RPA to start from the point of the academy opening by confirming this with their DfE project lead or lead contact.

If you opt in to join the scheme anytime from 1 October, your funding adjustment will be made in the subsequent month. Academies opening on 1 October and after will usually have their payments adjusted from the point of opening.

The benefits to academy trusts of the RPA include:

•          opting in to RPA is a simple, once-only activity

•          RPA eliminates complex and time-consuming procurement of commercial insurance cover

•          funding for RPA is a £25 per pupil reduction in GAG payments. There is no need to submit claims for additional funding.

As there will be no additional or top-up funding for commercial insurance procured from 1 September 2014 or after an academy’s existing arrangements come to an end, we encourage all existing and newly opening academies to opt in to the RPA.

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