Annal Nayyar blogs-Teaching schools get £10 million to boost quality of teacher training

Education Secretary Michael Gove today announced an extra £10 million for Teaching Schools so they can lead the way in training the next generation of brilliant teachers.

The funding will further the Government’s ambition to drive up the number of high-quality teachers entering the profession. It will also help ensure there is a wider spread of School Direct schools across England – particularly in the North and North West.

At a conference of 700 outstanding headteachers, Education Secretary Michael Gove outlined his vision for a school-led system. He said the funding would enable Teaching Schools to:

  • Take a greater responsibility for      school improvement.
  • Empower the best schools to lead the      system.
  • Ensure the most talented school      leaders are spotted and supported to become successful headteachers.

The first teaching schools were set up in 2011. There are now 363 Teaching Schools in England. All Teaching School alliances (of which there are 304) receive £60,000 in their first year of operation – and will today receive an additional grant of £33,000 for the next financial year (2013/14).

Education Secretary Michael Gove said:

Teaching Schools are leading the teaching profession. They are at the forefront of driving and delivering change. They are recruiting and training new entrants to the profession, identifying leadership potential and providing support for other schools.

The best people to teach teachers are teachers. School-led systems put schools, school leaders and teachers firmly in the driving seat.


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