Annal Nayyar blogs – the DfE have published The Governors’ Handbook

The DFE have published The Governors’ Handbook- which  provides information about the role and legal duties of governing bodies in maintained schools and academies (including free schools).

The Handbook can be downloaded via a link on the DfE website .

Section 1 of the Handbook outlines the core role and functions of school governing bodies. All governors should read this section.

Sections 2 to 8 of the Handbook summarise all of the specific legal duties on governing bodies, providing a first point of reference for those with a specific area of interest.

Further reading is signposted from within each section for those who would like more detailed information. Links are provided to relevant regulations, guidance and resources. A list of all the policies and documents that schools are required to have by law can be accessed from this page.

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