Annal Nayyar –interesting article on Pupil premium funding a ‘blunt instrument ‘read on:-

An interesting Public finance article stated:

Pupil premium funds could be targeted more effectively, research published by the Association of School and College Leaders has found.

Premium funds are currently given to schools to help boost the attainment of pupils on free school meals. Only about a third of FSM pupils achieve five good GCSEs (grades A*–C) including English and maths, compared with well over half of non-FSM pupils.

But a study conducted for the ASCL by Birmingham-based teacher Charlie Ogilvie found significant variations in attainment between different cohorts of FSM pupils. For example, almost half of those in London achieved five good passes compared with less than a third of those outside the capital.

Ethnicity was also found to be a factor. Chinese children on free school meals performed better than all pupils from all other ethnic groups, both FSM and non-FSM. White FSM children performed poorly, with fewer than 30% achieving three good GCSEs. The attainment gap between white FSM and non-FSM children, or poor and rich, was the most pronounced of any other ethnic group.


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