Annal Nayyar offers a range of school specific financial products – can you do without these?

Education Finance Experts Offer:

Financial and Regulation. We will identify the key requirements of financial regulatory and compliance matters facing you and provide the appropriate support.

Medium Term Financial Planning. We will help place you on a stable financial footing by support in the production of a 5 year budget plan.  This will take account of all factors that influence the financial position of you school.

Support of your financial management requirements.

We can help you fulfil the responsibilities of financial management and help you meet your governance and external accountability requirements such as all of your submissions and returns requirements.

Year-end accounts preparation. We will support you in the Academies compliance requirements for Company Law, including for these to be independently audited.

Training. We can provide training for all aspects of financial management in schools. We recognise the evolving training needs of schools and can provide proactive training solutions for you.

Compliance Testing. We can provide Academies with their mandatory Responsible Officer role for compliance with Academies Financial regulations.

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