Annal Nayyar –outlines Schedule of timelines for schools to convert to academies

Conversion from a school to an academy takes a minimum of three to four months from the date the application is received. Schedules of steps for schools to follow is available to download from this page.

The schedules set out key dates for schools planning to convert in the coming months. It provides deadlines for when documents and information, such as bank details, must be sent to the school’s departmental project lead and the Education Funding Agency. This helps to make the school’s chosen conversion date viable.

If deadlines are missed it may be necessary to move the conversion date back a month. In some conversions, even where these deadlines have been met, complex issues (particularly for schools which have PFI contracts) can arise which need to be resolved prior to conversion date.

each school is different, so the time it takes to convert will not always be the same. In these circumstances, the Department project lead will work with schools to provide the necessary support.

Converting schools should read the guidance on this website or talk to their project lead if they have questions about what needs to be done and by when.


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