Annal Nayyar provides a suite of training programmes and seminars.

Annal Nayyar is providing a set of seminars that look to cover core elements of school finance.

  • All you need to know about schools’ finances but you were not prepared to ask. Overview of key financial areas including budget planning, budget monitoring, procurement, governance, accounts closure, audit and asset management
  • Principles of effective budget management and preparation. Looking at the process and timelines involved, annual budgeting and medium term planning, approach to constructing a robust budget.
  • Understanding the Governors Role in the Financial Management of Schools. This includes Setting Schools Financial Management Framework, Standing Orders and Terms of Reference, Scheme of Delegation, Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS), Contracts and Procurement, Financial Planning and Budget Monitoring.
  • Financial preparation for those schools considering academy conversion.  All you need to know. This includes looking at what needs to be in place, due diligence, systems and processes, timeline, Financial Management and Governance Self-Assessment (FMGS), New responsibilities.
  • Providing a financial framework for appropriate and effective financial management. Areas include financial regulations, scheme of delegation, Statement of Internal Control, pecuniary interests, controls and compliance
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