Annal Nayyar provides link to Academy and Free Schools 2013/2014 funding allocations

Please find the information provided by the EFA covering 2013-14 allocations. It will be useful for business mangers:

The plans for the rest of the period to March 2013 is so you  receive your 2013/14 funding allocation by the end of March.

In the middle of January, all local authorities will share their final funding forms with the EFA. These forms will provide the basis for the funding of all maintained schools, academies and Free Schools and we will share your local authority’s form with you on a ‘subject to validation’ basis as soon as we can after its submission.

For academies and Free Schools with sixth forms, your post-16 learner numbers will be provided before the end of January in your Student Number Statement. Any post-16 queries or business cases will need to be lodged with the EFA  by 22 February. Further information will follow with Student Number Statements.

For most academies, pre-16 and post-16 pupil numbers will derive from the October 2012 census. to provide us

If you have places for high needs students, you will get a letter from the EFA  later this month to confirm the number of places that your local authority has agreed.

Starting from late February, the EFA will be providing academies and Free Schools with an allocation for the academic year 2013/14 together with supporting explanatory information. There will be an opportunity for schools  to review this and come back to the EFA  with any questions so that you have a final GAG by the end of March. Academies and Free Schools with sixth forms will also receive the post-16 element of 2013/14 funding before the end March.

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