Annal Nayyar Reports Academies are asked to publish detailed information on their website about the school curriculum.

This mirrors the requirements of Regulation 10 and Schedule 4 of the school information regulations for all local authority maintained schools to publish detailed information about the school curriculum on their website

Since academies were first introduced, funding agreements have usually required academies to publish details about their curriculum. Academies were originally asked to provide this information in the published school prospectus.

The latest funding agreements require academies to publish information on their websites in relation to:

  • the content of the curriculum; its approach to the curriculum
  • the names of any phonics or reading schemes in operation for Key Stage 1 (where applicable)
  • the GCSE options and other Key Stage 4 qualifications, or other future qualifications specified by the Secretary of State, offered by the academy (where applicable)
  • how parents (including parents of prospective pupils) can obtain more information about the academy’s curriculum

This information is important for parents so that they know precisely what is taught and when, enabling them to support their children in their studies. It is also important information for parents when choosing new schools.

Academies therefore should look to publish curriculum information on their websites whether or not it is specified in their particular funding agreement as a matter of good practice.

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