Annal Nayyar reports DfE: Research needed into accountability and governance

The Department for Education (DfE) is seeking views on its research strategy. The strategy and a series of research questions were published in a paper, Accountability and governance, earlier

this month. A series of discussions with practitioners, the research community and others to help shape departmental plans will take place through 2014, says the paper. Teachers and others can also comment by email or social media.

The Department’s research priorities are divided into three main areas: how schools and colleges respond to the new performance measures to be introduced from 2016


● the effect of broadening of performance data to eight subjects and the extent to which the new and additional information is used by parents;

● the impact of the new floor targets on different schools and students;

● to what extent secondary schools respond to the reforms by adopting a broad and balanced curriculum and focus on the attainment of all their students;

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