Annal Nayyar reports on sch partnerships

School partnerships and collaboration have great potential to improve the whole school system but they need more help to enable and facilitate effective working, says the House of Commons Education Committee.

Launching a report that examines school partnerships and collaboration, Education Committee Chair Graham Stuart MP said:

“The Government wants schools to take more responsibility for themselves and each other in delivering a true  self-improving school system. It wants schools to look not to local authorities for expertise but to each other. We have no problem with that vision and think the wide range of models and structures already in place is a strength and proof of vitality.


“We support moves to give schools more  freedom to innovate but we argue that the creation of a self-improving system needs a degree of coordination and strong incentives to encourage schools to look beyond their own school gate. Otherwise there is a danger that many schools will operate in isolation rather than in cooperation

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