Annal Nayyar reports on todays Ofsted report on pupil premium

Ofsted have published a report today (16 July 2014) showing that the pupil premium – money to help state schools in England support disadvantaged pupils – is starting to make a positive difference in many schools.

The Deputy Prime Minister said:

I’ve been fighting in government for a fairer society where all our children have opportunities to succeed in life. This report shows that, through the pupil premium, we’re starting to win that fight.

The pupil premium has been one of the most significant changes in our education system for a long time and is already closing the attainment gap by helping up to 2 million disadvantaged children get the support, education and skills they need to get on in life – whether it’s through literacy classes, catch up lessons or one-to-one tuition.

This is just the start. From 2015 I want to see this help extended to disadvantaged 3 and 4-year-olds too. This is all extra help for families across Britain to ensure that we live in a society where it is your talents and efforts alone, not your background that determines how successful you become.

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