Annal Nayyar reports that School spending stays protected from budget cuts

The schools budget for England will remain protected from budget cuts in the government’s spending review.

Chancellor George Osborne also announced plans for a fairer funding formula for schools to remove inequalities between different areas.

There will be funding for 180 more free schools and 20 university technical colleges and 20 studio schools.

Mr Osborne told MPs that spending on education was the “single best investment”.

The education budget for 2015-16 will “increase to £53bn and school spending will be protected in real terms”, the chancellor announced.

Funding formula

Mr Osborne promised that a consultation would begin for a national funding formula to address the way that money is not “equally distributed” between schools, the chancellor told the House of Commons.

He announced extra support for the creation of 180 more free schools in 2015-16, which are set up by parents or other groups. There are already more than 80 open with a further 200 in the pipeline.

Government’s promise to protect school budgets has been undermined by this disproportionate 20% cut to the vital support they receive from councils”

End Quote David Simmonds Local Government Association

There will also be 20 more studio schools which young people can attend part-time while working.

There will be 20 more university technical colleges which are intended to provide a stronger vocational education.

The protection of the school budget was welcomed by head teachers’ leader Russell Hobby.


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