Annal Nayyar- Revised primary PE and sport grant allocations

The dfe  confirm that, as part of the PE and sport grant, academies with 17 or more eligible primary school pupils will receive £8,000 for the 2013 to 2014 academic year, plus a top-up of £5 per eligible pupil.

Academies with 16 or fewer pupils will receive £500 per eligible pupil.

On  the dfe  website you will find:

• a revised allocations table showing the correct details for each school

• a terms and conditions document, revised to include the correct formula

Academies should check the revised allocations and supporting information carefully as these will include changes at individual school level.

You will have received the first instalment of the grant on 1 October 2013. The balance of payment (adjusting the total amount to the revised allocation) will be issued in May 2014.

The final allocations for schools as well as the conditions of grant for maintained schools and the terms and conditions for academies are available to download. Data in the allocation sheets has been suppressed for schools with small numbers of eligible pupils.

Allocations have been calculated using data from the January 2013 school census. Pupils in eligible schools in year groups 1 to 6 are included, plus pupils aged 5 or older in reception year. The January 2013 census records the age of pupils on 31 August 2012. You can access the census data via the link on this page.


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