Annal Nayyar –says there is an interesting article in Public Finance –where Union calls for end to pay freeze- and Annal blogs that prices have been increasing with wages not so. See article below.

Councillors should pressure for an end to the local government pay freeze as workers continue to struggle financially, a union has said.

In a letter to all of the country’s local authorities, Unison has outlined that decent pay rises should be seen for town hall staff as the cost of living continues to rise and little is done to support even the lowest paid council workers.

Chancellor George Osbourne’s pledge to pay a £250 wage increase to public sector workers earning less than £21,000 has not been honoured by most employers, Unison said.

The letter states that since 2009, pay for the National Joint Council (NJC) workforce has dropped by 13% and now remains 10% below where it was in 1996.

Unison believes that changes to working tax credits have meant pay freezes are having the greatest impact on women and has recommended that planned increases towards a living wage should be central to the local government gender agenda.

Unison head of local government, Heather Wakefield, said: ‘We know how tough finances are for councils – they have been singled out by the Tory-led coalition for its harshest cuts. But councillors need to know how tough things are for the people working harder than ever to keep local government services running.

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