Annal Nayyar- the role of the NCTL and teaching schools in the school-led system.

The aim of NCTL is to drive forward the move towards a self-improving, school-led system so that by 2016 there is an irrevocable shift from the centre to schools in 4 particular areas: initial teacher training, continuous professional development, school-to-school support and the recruitment and training of the next generation of school leaders.

But in a school-led system, what can be the role of a government agency?

It is important to say that this is a new agency. It is not simply a collapsing of the old Teaching Agency into the National College for School Leadership.

The government has rightly protected schools’ budgets, but this has meant we have had to make savings elsewhere in the DfE. And NCTL cannot, and should not simply replicate everything it did in the past. We are now a government agency, part of the Department for Education, with a much tighter remit for delivering our business.

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