Annal Nayyar updates -Details of capital investment for 2014 to 2015 to maintain and repair the school estate announced.

On the 24 January 2014, the Department for Education published the school capital maintenance and Devolved Formula Capital (DFC) allocations for 2014 to 2015.


Capital investment in schools must be targeted to where it is most needed and it must be spent effectively so that every child has a good quality school place in buildings which are safe, fit for purpose and well maintained.


The Department for Education will fund repairs and maintenance through £1.2 billion of maintenance allocations and £200 million of Devolved Formula Capital grant to local authorities and schools in 2014 to 2015. This includes funding for the repair and refurbishment of academies through the Academies Capital Maintenance Fund (ACMF), and for sixth-form colleges through the Building Condition Improvement Fund. This total of £1.4 billion is the same as last year.


Local authorities will receive the maintenance allocation for their schools. Academies will access their funding through applying to the ACMF. The share of the funding for the ACMF has increased in proportion to the number of pupils in academies since 2013 to 2014.


We continue to gather a comprehensive picture of the condition of every school building. From next year we will target maintenance funding based upon the condition of school buildings. In the meantime, funding for condition and maintenance will be allocated on a simple and transparent per-pupil basis.

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