Asbestos management in schools

Headteachers, school governors, and other members of the school management team all need to know who is responsible for asbestos management procedures and documentation, and for ensuring that this is always followed.

School management teams need to see that maintenance, repair work and improvements on school buildings are carried out safely. This means that:

  • staff and visitors know what precautions to follow
  • where health and safety functions are delegated, staff are  appropriately trained and clear lines of accountability are established
  • all work on buildings is carried out only after consulting the  documentation on asbestos
  • any work likely to affect asbestos-containing materials is carried  out by a qualified person, after consultation with those who have duty-holder responsibilities, such as the employer, the governing body, or  the building owner.

You can review how your school is performing on asbestos management by using the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) checklist,

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