High needs students funding reform

The DfE are bringing together all funding for students with high cost additional needs. We are doing this as part of the 16-19 funding formula review. It will be done using common principles, in which local authorities will be both commissioner and funder.

The changes will give an enhanced role to local authorities. Each will have a single budget to cover their education funding responsibilities for all high needs children and young people aged 0-25 resident in their area.

local authorities to check the data we hold on high needs students aged 16-24 from their area and requested that they forecast where their students will study in 2013/14. The deadline for this was 30 September, although local authorities are invited to continue to engage with us about their data until mid-December.

In November/December the  DFE will be sharing a shadow allocation and guidance with independent specialist providers, non-maintained special schools, special academies and maintained special schools.

In December, the DfE will be issuing provisional high-needs student numbers to local authorities (LAs) by institution against the provisional budgets already issued. We will also be issuing provisional numbers by LAs to providers.

You can read background information to link post-16 funding and academies


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