I have received an unexpected Pupil Premium Summer School payment in December, why was this?

In November 2012, adjustments were made to academies’ Pupil Premium grants to reflect the difference between the number of pupils that were estimated to attend summer schools and the number that actually attended. Unfortunately these adjustments were made twice. This meant that some schools had adjustments made to their November payments that were double the value that they had expected. The correction has been made in the 3 December payment.

The CODA reference is the same as the one that appears on the remittance advices and should aid identification. The payment itself will be named “Acad Pupil Premium” and will have the reference summer schools.

The second instalment of the allocation is made to academies once their final summer school numbers are confirmed. Payments for this were made in October and November 2012 and a payment will be made in January 2013.

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