Pre 16 Funding Allocations

The Education Funding Agency published pre-16 funding allocations for individual academies for the academic year 2012/13.

They are publishing operational data on revenue funding to academies to improve transparency and give a more complete picture of education funding.

Historically, information about pre-16 providers has been published through statistics derived from information supplied by local authorities (LAs) in their Section 251 budget return. As increasing numbers of schools become academies, the Section 251 publication is covering a decreasing proportion of overall planned public expenditure on education in England.

DfE: Academy Funding 2012/13

This Data Release is based upon information produced by from the Education Funding Agency (EFA) and provides data on funding levels for individual Primary and Secondary Academies, and a number of other types of Academy in 2012/13.  Academy types included in this publication are Academies, Free Schools, University Technical Colleges, Special Schools and Studio Schools.     It will include tables showing a broad breakdown of the key elements of the General Annual Grant that the EFA pays to Academies, based on advised calculations provided by specific Local Authorities. It will include the School Budget Share (SBS) figures (which includes non-domestic business rates, teacher threshold and start-up funding) and Local Authority Central Spend Equivalent Grant (LACSEG).


These Excel sheets contain individual Academy information and are ordered alphabetically by Region, Local Authority, and Academy name

Detailed descriptions of column headings can be found in the table

Academies with Sixth Forms also attract 16/19 year old funding from the Department for Education. This information can be accessed in a separate publication.

Pre-16 Academy Budget Allocations 2012/13

This spreadsheet includes allocation data for Academies funded by the EFA for the academic year 2012/13 (1 September 2012 – 31 August 2013)

The data used were produced from EFA systems on 18th September and reflect funding agreed as at September 2012. Any adjustments agreed between 1st and 18th September may not be shown. If discussions are currently taking place on further adjustments, these will not be included. Funding figures may change for a variety of reasons over the course of the academic year.

The funding guidance, which sets out the national funding arrangements for Academies for 2012/13, is available on the Department for Education websit

As new institutions, Academies and Free Schools may receive additional financial support during the period whilst they are building up additional year groups.   This ‘start up’ funding contributes to the costs of employing key staff, such as the head teacher, and purchasing school resources such as books and educational equipment.  This would be the approach taken by the Local Authority if opening a new school.

Academies worksheets available

a) Academies

b) Free Schools

c) University Technical Colleges

d) Special Schools

e) Studio Schools

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