School Funding Reform- 2013/14

The Government wants to reform the school funding system so that it is fairer, simpler, more consistent and transparent. The Intention is for education to reach schools and the pupils that need it most. It believes that good, popular schools should find it easier to expand in response to demand from parents and that school leaders should have greater certainty over their budgets so they can plan ahead. Therefore to achieve this, the DfE will introduce a national funding formula in the next Spending Review period which will ensure that schools in similar circumstances and with similar intakes receive similar levels of funding.

Thus new arrangements will be put in place on how local authorities allocate the Schools Block element of the Dedicated Schools Grant. The DfE advocate maximum delegation to schools. To assist this process the number of ‘factors ‘used to delegate to schools are reduced to broadly 10. The other two blocks from which monies are delegated are the High Needs Block and Early Years Block.

If you would like a full briefing on how this change may impact on your local authority or school please contact me and I will be happy to assist.



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