Schools Minister David Laws’ oral statement on minimum funding levels for schools

In the Spending Review last summer, the government announced that it would consult on how to allocate schools funding in a fairer way than ever before.

Today David Laws   confirmed that, in 2015 to 2016, we will take the first huge step towards delivering this fairer national funding.

This will be the first time in a decade that funding has been allocated to local areas on the basis of the actual characteristics of their pupils and schools, rather than simply on the basis of historic levels of spending.

Given the importance to schools of stability and certainty in these difficult economic times, we have decided not to set out a multi-year process of converging all local authorities towards a single funding formula.

The Govt  have concluded that the right time to do this would be when there are multi-year public spending .

But the case for action is so strong that we intend to act immediately to deliver a substantial £350 million boost to schools in the least fairly funded local authorities in the country. We will be able to achieve this without any local authority receiving a cut to its per-pupil schools budget.

The extra money will be allocated in April 2015, for the 2015 to 2016 financial year.


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