Update : Post-16 2013/14 funding allocations

In March 2013 , the EFA we will be providing institutions with a final allocation for the academic year 2013/14 together with supporting explanatory information. They will have an opportunity to review this and come back to us with any questions.

The High Needs Student (HNS) funding reforms are now part of the mainstream allocations process detailed above. Your HNS element 1 is the new standard 16-19 funding per student formula. This element is based on the lagged student approach. Element 2 is allocated based on the number of places local authorities have told us they wish to commission from each institution. This will be included in institutions’ student numbers sent by the end of January and in the aggregated numbers sent to local authorities in February.

Finally, any funding that is required for an individual student above the first two elements is negotiated and agreed with the student’s home local authority by the institution. This ‘top-up’ will be provided direct to the institution from the commissioning local authority during the year.

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