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Annal Nayyar blogs a report today that suggests North-south funding divide sees children falling behind from the age of five, study warns

Children in the North have already fallen behind by the age of five amid a deepening educational divide, a major new report has warned, as it revealed “unfair” school funding is to blame. Primary schools in the north of England receive £4,600 per pupil, which is roughly the national average, but £900 less than London. Secondary [...]

Annal Nayyar blogs BBC report that Government climbdown over forced academies plan in England

Plans to force all of England’s schools to become academies are being abandoned in a government climbdown. Education Secretary Nicky Morgan hopes the concessions will meet the demands of Tory rebels opposed to compelling high-performing schools to convert. This was about the government listening, she said, adding ministers understood top schools should retain the choice [...]